A Garbage Dissertation
Compendium focuses on the investigation of ‘tickets’ as a means of exploration of narratives and shared experiences. It explores the interdependency of design and the public in the focused micro-environment of the TfL system through tickets discarded as garbage. ​​​​​​​
Picking Up Litter
Compendium is a process of ticket collection and observational narrative creation. This is achieved through exploring parts of the city unknown to me in search of tickets, then picking up discarded and dropped TfL tickets and ticket stubs, and other travel ticket items in the streets and stations of London. The ticket holders are my co-inspirators while the tickets themselves are my co-authors. You, my readers and viewers are my co-respondents as you draw your own inferences from the work and interpret then re-interpret your own experiences through the narratives. Collecting as an activity is something many travellers find interesting. Collection as a design process involves seeking insight into a particular subject matter or demographic. Through exploring TfL spaces I started to see these discarded tickets. Thus began the collecting of tickets.
Shown in: Confluence 2019
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