Lake Time Magazine
Editorial Design
Editorial Design contributor, issue 18. Created layouts, graphics and advertisements. Edited and typeset the written content provided by the magazine and its contributors, sourced images to supplement those provided. 
Femme Type Blog
Editorial Contributor
Editorial contributor to Femme Type, a platform celebrating type designers who identify as being a woman and are an active member of the type industry and community.
Follow the link below to see the full articles and photos, published on the Femme-Type website.​​​​​​​
Pocket Papers 
Editorial Design & Print Production
Pocket Papers challenge the viewer to learn and understand all aspects of the environmental issue they address. Tasked with “exposing” something or bringing new information to light, these pocket sized publications approach difficult subject in a friendly, digestible manner. 
Design Research Zine 
Editorial Design & Print Production
For this publication, I was responsible for both editorial design and print production. The research included sourcing images and information on Yamasaki in order to understand better design, history, and the city. This type of research and understanding often informs individual projects and has shaped my practice in publication/print design.  
Female Designers Zine 
Editorial Design & Print Production
This zine publication was part research project part metaphor. The idea is that women in art and design have both "shade" to overcome and "sunshine" or areas where being female can be celebrated, in the context of their own art and design practices. It features real women in art and design who volunteered to take part, I was responsible for content, interviews, editorial design, and print production.
Marketing Mailers 
Editorial Design
Pictured here is one in a series of post card, bi-fold, and tri-fold mailers for the clients of an Ann Arbor based RE/MAX agent. These marketing publications had a single subject matter per issue and were sent to each of the agents former and current clients in order to inform about community news, celebrate holidays, and generate interest for future business. 
Recreation Annual Publication 
Editorial Design
This is the summer 2017 edition of the Bloomfield Hills Schools recreation programs publication, mailed out to each family in the district annually. It serves as the directory for summer camps and activities in the local area hosted or supported by the school district. 
In addition to Editorial Design, I was responsible for collaborating directly with the recreation department in order to include all programs, activities, and camps with the correct prices and dates. I worked directly with an external print house to have production done within budget and by the strict deadline. 
Confluence Catalogue 
Editorial Design
Collaborated with Georgina Habgood ( @geeorrrge ) as the two person publication team within the show committee to realise the catalogue concept, gather photos and information on 102 participating designers, write and edit copy, and print the catalogue on deadline within a tight budget. My responsibilities included layout and editorial design for the catalogue as well as a shared workload on all other tasks. 
The viewer curated their own unique catalogue by selecting each designers individual double sided A5 page situated near the work itself, then the viewer could add it to their catalogue sleeve in the order they see fit. The viewer has the choice while viewing each work to take or leave the page associated with that designer. Double sided pages here are shown side by side, and are identified as corresponding by the three digit number unique to each designer located on both the 'front' and 'back' of each page. 
Midland Daily News 
Freelance Publication Work
Freelance journalist/ photographer for the Midland Daily News, in Midland, MI, USA 2012–2015. Click on the link below to see the full articles and photos, published on the Midland Daily News website: 
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