Consumable Content Creation
This was my entry to the visual bartending shift contest, by Gray Whale Gin. The drink recipe and visual aspects are all my original work. 
Please Drink Responsively 
My cocktail of choice is the delightful vegan interpretation of a classic gin fizz, omitting the egg whites, a response to the need for vegan friendly content for consumables brands everywhere. This cocktail is rich in history and has countless variations floating around. My recipe is not too complex, uses simple, natural ingredients and results in a cocktail that highlights the gin itself. It is a citrus forward experience and has a subtle transition into the nuanced gin flavour that is not  overwhelming to the palette. The texture of each sip is a light froth followed by a smooth and cool liquid of medium viscosity. A delight for the taste buds and a responsible choice for the planet.
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Fava Bean Aquafaba
Aquafaba is the liquid substance found in the cans of beans, or homemade with dry beans soaked in water and a pinch of salt, which can be whipped using a whisk or hand mixer. It is an excellent egg replacement for cocktails and other recipes which call for eggs. Most internet sources will recommend using chickpeas to achieve this, I use fava beans more often myself. The reason being fava beans provide a darker liquid which blend visually into drinks nicely and provides a milder flavour as a backdrop to the other ingredients, like Gray Whale Gin, that it is meant to be showcasing. To me, chickpeas have a distinct taste and that works better in baking and other non-cocktail situations.
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